Monday, October 29, 2007


This week was our big 2 month anniversary! A whole two months since we launched the website and debuted at KidShow Las Vegas...I can't believe that was only 2 months ago!! I love what I am doing - I couldn't be more blessed to have this opportunity, but somehow I feel like I've been pouring my heart into this thing for years! I know I am a big thinker - I decide to do something and I never want to do it half-way. So, I've really given this my all, and I feel like there is so much more to do. I've realized that you can have the greatest product in the world, but if no one knows about it, it doesn't really matter. PR, that is the I just have to figure out how to get there!

It's very exciting that I am starting to see some results - I received an email from the nicest lady on myspace telling me that she spotted our RuffleButts in this month's edition of South Jersey Moms Magazine! She was so nice, she even offered to mail me a copy of the magazine - don't you love nice strangers! I also heard from South Florida Parenting Magazine and they are planning to feature us in their December issue, which would be great. Texas Family Magazine has us featured in their upcoming Holiday gift guide too! I'm starting to see results, but I know we need so much more. I visit other websites such as Allison Case's Hand Picked Pumpkin and I see what a fantastic job she is doing. They have lists and lists of wonderful reviews and editorials - I can see why, her products are absolutely adorable. I know we'll get there, I'm just hoping it is soon!

Okay, one step at a time, I know. We are getting fantastic reviews from moms across the country and we haven't even started to deliver our main products yet! That is more than I could ever ask for. I am going to try to take a step back today, breath, be thankful and then keep plugging away. If you have any PR recommendations for me, I would be oh so grateful!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My 3 words...

I thought long and hard, reaching for creative ideas, putting words on plants, on tape, on our balcony the end, it's as simple as "God, thank you!" We are all so very blessed, and sometimes we forget a simple thank you.

And thank you to Becki for thinking outside of the box and spreading the love! For more information on the 3 Word Project visit

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Are you a little lost?

- Okay, I went to college, got the degree, hate my what?
- Is this really what I dreamed of my entire life?
- My mom retired after 30 years at the same company. At her retirement, she was making less than my first job offer out of college. Fair, no, but true.
- I dream big, work hard, and want a good how do I get there?
- They say follow your dreams and the money will follow...I can't seem to put my finger on what that dream actually is. And, really, the money will just follow? I somehow find that hard to believe!

Sound familiar???

This was my life about two years ago. I was lost, searching, for what, I was not sure. I have always been hard working and determined to succeed. I worked two jobs through high-school, worked through most of college, dreamed big and achieved big according to the standards of society. I was lost.

I then found myself in Dallas, TX, in a real estate sales position working for a company with zero ethics and even less soul. I knew it from day one, but the money was good...or should I say the money that they promised was good. I struggled with my own compass, tuning out my sense-of-right for the financial stability of my family. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed. I was there for a reason and I am starting to see it clearly in retrospect...don't you just hate how that works!! If only we could see clearly in the moment, but then again isn't that was faith is for! I met some wonderful people, and some incredibly terrible people. I was always so optimistic before this experience, trying to see the best in everyone, but this experience has helped me to understand that not all people are good. All people have the ability to be good, but not all choose that path.

I would lay awake at night, knowing that I needed to take the leap of faith and start my own business. I have been an entrepreneur at heart as long as I can remember. I have been writing business plans from the age of 10. I started everything from baby-sitting clubs to grocery delivery services in my early years. I was obsessed with "start your own business" books and infomercials. I have also always had a love for the fashion business. I knew that I was not trendy enough or style-savvy enough to be a designer, so I studied the fashion business in college. I was raised by a single mom and didn't know who Louis Vuitton or Versace were until college. To be quite honest, I don't think I even knew the name Coach until college! So, I thought I would eventually work in the industry and ultimately start my own company, but I couldn't see it clearly. I guess it just wasn't my time...yet. So, as I was making my way through life, searching for that answer, I found myself in that hell-hole of an office back in Dallas. That experience is what forced me so much deeper in my personal relationship with God. I begged for the answer, I pleaded for the grand idea. And then one beautiful afternoon in Fort Lauderdale, FL (my new home) in March of 2007, it was time. The idea came to me, as Oprah would say, my "light bulb" moment, or Donny Deutsch would say, my "a-ha moment"!

I have given my heart and soul to this idea, now called RuffleButts. It was my calling, my, business, and the sweet innocence of children. It just doesn't get any better than that. I was able to create a brand built on smiles...the logo alone says it all! I launched my Spring 08 line in August at KidShow Las Vegas and have been running ever since. I have crossed paths with so many strong, faithful, inspirational, supportive people that I have almost let go of my devastating experience back in Dallas.

For those of you still in that "God give me the answer" stage...I promise, it will come. It may be tomorrow, it may be when you are fifty, but it will come. Maybe your "light bulb" moment will be at the birth of your first child and you will discover that you were meant to be a stay-at-home mommy. Maybe it will come as you lose your career to a layoff. It is not your plan, you must have faith. Not everyone is born with the "I'm going to be a doctor when I grow up" plan in action. Maybe your dream is not clear. I am definitely not an expert here, but what I can tell you with much certainty is that you must pursue whatever it is that brings you joy...something that makes you proud, something that makes you smile. I love what I do - that doesn't mean that I love what I do every single day. Believe me, when you run your own business, you do many things that DO NOT make you smile, but ultimately I love it all because it is mine and I create, I bring joy, I share smiles, and I get to work with just doesn't get any better than this!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


These past few days have given me the bug...I'm always motivated to make this work, but these past few days have re energized and given me the hope that I needed. This is my dream, my goal, my "baby" if you will. I have so much faith in this idea that I am putting everything on the line.

Over these past few days, I have been inspired by other business owners and moms that are working their little tails off with so much success. I know I can get there!

So, I sat at Starbucks yesterday discussing the joys of entrepreneurship with Robin of Kaboodle Kids. I am not the chatty type, and usually my brain is off and wandering so much that I have to cut my social meetings short to go put those thoughts to work. Well, Robin and I had so much in common, I looked down at my watch...and it was literally 4 hours later!!! Who does that?? Robin and I just seemed to feed off one-another's drive and excitement - that is so much fun!!

Obviously, over 4 hours we chit-chatted a little about everything, but one area that I found so interesting was our discussion about our blogs. I'm new to this whole writing thing, but I learned that I was not is a little awkward writing to "who knows who" about your life. We both asked our husbands...what do we write about?? Robin has done such a great job with her blog, I aspire to get there. One great piece of her advice was for me to tell my story. I am going to work at this over the next few weeks...telling you a little more about the "why".

Another fun little motivation for me today was a phone call from a local boutique interested in placing an order. It is very reaffirming for me when boutiques appreciate my creations, and so far I have been so lucky to work with some really fabulous boutiques across the country. You can check out our retailer list on our retailers page. If you are reading this in an area that is not currently on our list - please go to your local boutique and tell them to check us out! I am, as always, so grateful for your support!

Friday, October 12, 2007

So cute!!

I know I already posted today, so I apologize for two in one day, but this is worth it!

Jennifer is the Owner and Founder of Babyations in Lincoln, IL, and I am very excited to announce that she is now working with us as an independent consultant for the RuffleButts brand in her area! She took the RuffleButts Referral Program and went so far above and beyond :)

Jennifer had a big day yesterday - she went on her first retailer appointment, visiting a local children's boutique in her area, and she held a RuffleButts trunk show for her friends and neighbors. Both were a success - the retailer placed an order with her and the trunk show received great feedback! I am so excited to be working with someone that is so family oriented and super ambitious.

So, I just received the sweetest email from Kristy, a mom that attended Jennifer's trunk show last night. Kristy is a fabulous photographer there in IL and does great work with children! If you visit our updated website today, you'll see some of her work right there on our homepage. I was so touched by her email and her efforts to send such great photographs of her little princess in RuffleButt designs. It really restores my faith in people and my excitement about what I am creating to receive such encouraging and supportive emails from complete strangers!

Well, Kristy has her own website and blog, so I wanted to pass those along as well. I always love supporting supportive people!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Price point

Price - this is always a difficult and extremely important decision in business. So, I received the first negative feedback through the website last week. The mom was saying that our prices are ridiculous and not affordable for non-celebrity moms. (I found the celebrity comment kinda funny!) Anyway, she is the first and only person that has responded with negative feedback, and being the people-pleaser that I am, I really struggled with this. Then today, I found out that we are too inexpensive for one of the major retailers! I guess this is just a reminder that we can not be all things to all people.

I grew up with a single mom in Louisville, KY - she worked very hard to make sure that my needs were always met, but let's just say, we didn't shop at boutiques =) A little off the subject, but a funny story...

My mom was having one of those mother/daughter chats with me about life and death and her requests with the time comes. She was telling me that she prefers cremation and would like for me to scatter her ashes where I think of us spending quality time together. My response, at about 7 years of age...Value City!! I wanted to scatter her ashes in the clearance section of Value City! Don't you love those purely innocent, but painfully humorous answers from children??!!

Times have changed since I was a child, and I have been extremely blessed. I was determined to live a life different from that of my childhood at a very early age (don't get me wrong - I wouldn't change a thing about the way that I was raised). I worked extremely hard my entire life to get to this point and I am so very fortunate to finally be here, able to pursue a dream!

Anyway, due to my background and foundation, it was extremely important to me to create this line at an affordable price point. It is also extremely important to provide a quality product at that price point. I understand that we are more of a boutique clothing line and as a business person, I know very well that I need to stay focused on our target market. As an ambitious woman and future mom, I want to share the brand with the world! There is no better feeling than hearing the incredible feedback that I have received from so many moms across the world! I love to see the smiles that come with RuffleButts and I will continue to do everything I can to spread the joy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


As I began my adventure of blogging, I had no idea that there was a whole new world out there! I am so excited to have met (well, met in a cyberspace sort of way) such fabulous and inspiring women. I wanted to take a quick second to mention some of the great blogs that I have come across in the past few weeks...

Starting A Baby Boutique & Children's Clothing Line
Baby Fabulous Blog
Mommy Speak
Kaboodle Kids Blog
Hipster Mom
Mommy's With Style
The Mommy Blog

I am truly inspired from some of the great writing that I have enjoyed by moms across the country. I always knew moms were something special and had a lot to say, but what an incredible medium for sharing your thoughts and opinions. I give so much credit to you all!

Along with these great bloggers, I also must mention some of the incredible mom-preneurs in my industry that I have been so lucky to know. It is so much more fun to go through life's crazy experiences with supportive and encouraging friends! - This is such a fun line of kidswear for the sport fishing enthusiast! What a great idea (especially here in the Sunshine State)! The line is flying off the shelves at Bass Pro Shops and is also available directly through the company. - The Owner of this company is special to me...she was my initiation partner at KIDShow in Las Vegas. We went through the adventure side-by-side and in the end, had a great time! Hair Baubles is fun new line of hair bows and headbands. She even has a headband that allows you to switch over the fabric so it's like 2-in-1!

Babyations Hair Bows Blog - This is an adorable line of sweet little bows. The Owner is a doll and is even making a few bows to coordinate with the RuffleButts line.

I have been so fortunate to meet such fabulous women through this adventure, and hope to meet many more.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I can only imagine that as a mom, you would struggle with this issue your control vs. out of your control. This has been an ongoing issue for me for these past few months in two major ways...the business and my family. I have a ton going on everyday with this business and I find myself awake at 4am stressing about everything from emails to fabric to sales. Then, I have to remind myself that I've done all I can do at the moment. Maybe I made a mistake, maybe I'm learning as I go, but I have to turn it over to a greater power, give it my best and move forward.

On to my husband - okay, I'm sure most of you wives will relate to me here...I love my husband dearly. He is super funny, beyond smart and a very loving and supportive man. With that said, there are still times when I want to pull my hair out :) Although I am the only 'only child' between the two of us, you would never know it! We are two peas in a pod, stubborn as can be, and we struggle with letting go of that control factor.

So, tell me this do you do it?? How do you manage the things that are in your control and accept the things that are not? How do you let go of the reins and allow your children to do things on their own when you know they may mess up? If I am waking up at 4am with just a business to run, how do you ever sleep with a family depending on you?? I think that God must give moms a gift - patience, understanding and acceptance. You just have to remember that we all struggle at times and God is always there to accept your flaws and love you anyway. I am still learning that I am human and can not conquer it all alone, but I pray daily for more patience, understanding and acceptance.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Spreading the Wealth

It is always fun and rewarding to achieve success on your own, but it is so much more enjoyable and rewarding to achieve success with others! I would love to create a hugely profitable company, but I would love even more to create a hugely profitable company and share it with my friends and family! So, at this point in the game, since we are not quite to the hugely profitable stage, this is the next best thing..

I just launched our RuffleButts Referral Club, which is a way for me to reward our fans with an 8-10% commission on all sales generated through their link. It's super easy - all they have to do is send out a link via email or place a button (that I provide on the website) on their website and when people click through to make a purchase at, the RuffleButt Referral Club member receives a commission. I sincerely appreciate all of the support and excitement from my friends just out of the goodness of their hearts, but this will be so fun for me to make it financially rewarding to them as well!

Now, I just have to bust my butt to make RuffleButts hugely profitable - if it's this much fun to share a few hundred dollars a month, I can't wait to give away thousands! I love this job!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

So Blessed

I'm sure you will notice this to be a recurring theme with me, but I just have to say that I am so very grateful for all of the blessings in my life. I just came home from a meeting with my Patternmaker (who is so much more than a Patternmaker), and although things are crazy and stressful, I am just so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.

For those of you out there starting something new, a business, a family, a project - you have to remember that everyone out there that is currently successful at whatever it is you are trying to do, started at the bottom too. I keep waking up in the middle of the night scared to death that I have messed something up with this production order...well, chances are that I have, and you know what, I will have to learn from my mistakes and go on. I must say - much easier to write than actually do, but I am trying. This is an ongoing struggle with me because I take this very seriously and want to do everything in my power to succeed. Mistakes costs money and losing money is not my definition of success. But, I know that I have to start somewhere and go through the "stuff" that Ed mentioned at church on Sunday to get to that final destination.

Today was just another small reminder to me that I am so very blessed. We should really try not to take a single day for granted. By the way, that was my original inspiration for my "So Blessed" Trendy Tee. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Test

Okay, today was my test - priorities vs. commitments. My mom and aunt are in town for the week. Figures, this is the week that I learned that all of my patterns were done incorrectly and need to be redone in time for the boat to go out to the factory within days. So, family or work - both are important, but I only get to see my family about once or twice a year. Then again if this line isn't manufactured on time, the business will suffer and I won't have any time for family in the future. So, I think I passed the test - I pulled myself away from the office for the day and visited a butterfly farm. I must say as I was surrounded by the peaceful beauties fluttering around my head, I realized that there is more to the world than my little office. And, chances are the line will still get done, even with me taking four hours out of the office today. I may pay the price this evening as I try to catch up, but I would definitely say it was worth it.

Oh good news, after spending days on the computer sending emails to potential PR sources, I heard back from South Jersey Mom Magazine. They are going to include us in their November or December issue! Adding that to the South Florida Parenting Magazine article coming out in November, I think we are off to a good start. I know they are both local magazines, but I am hoping that will kick start our PR and lead us to national publications and news shows. I know this is the challenge of every company, but if we can just get the word out, I really think that mom's are going to love this line. We are receiving such great feedback - I am absolutely determined to succeed.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Priorities vs. Commitments

Okay, today is my first day of reorganizing my commitments. I love our church Fellowship Church Miami - our pastor does such a great job of getting me back on track for the week. So, yesterday he was talking about change and going through the "stuff" to get to your desired destination. He always seems to come back to the difference between priorities and commitments and the fact that they most likely are not aligned. He's right, as commitments are not where they should be. I realized, although I already knew this and just didn't want to admit it, that my day is not organized, and I am therefore not making the most of it. I have so much to do with the business right now that I just plug away and put off the things that can be put off. If I just outline my day first thing in the morning, I wouldn't get so distracted and would accomplish more on my priorities list. So today was the first day of my new plan. I'm going to see if this gets me back on track and will keep you updated. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

And this brings me to my do you moms out there manage to get everything accomplished - your business, the kids, meals, grocery shopping, laundry??? My husband and I have been open (I hate using the word "trying" cause we know it's in God's hands) to getting prego for the past year and as much as I want to add to our family, I can not imagine how I am going to keep it all together. All of my mom friends tell me that you just find a way, and I am going to have to trust that. I think getting a head start on rearranging my commitments is a good first step.

I have my first official sales call today, and am really looking forward to it. After speaking on the phone with the owner numerous time, she just seems like such a doll. I've heard great things about her store as well (, so I am looking forward to it.

Have a great day!