Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Along for the ride

As a glance down at the date on my computer, I seriously can not believe that the new year is just around the corner! I am amazed at the rate of which life speeds by, getting faster and faster every year. I vaguely remember back to adults having this same discussion in my presence as a child, but could never understand what they were talking about since summer break seemed oh-so-far-away. Now, I get it. I understand more and more each passing year.

As the new year draws near, I have spent a bit of time analyzing my personal goals, as I think we most do when the Christmas trees start popping up at malls everywhere! I have realized that many things are just as I would like them, but many others need more attention. Say, this blog for example!!! (Mark, no comments here!) See, when I started RuffleButts years ago, I was very driven to create a successful business, but equally important was reaching people all over the world to share a positive experience, an inspiration in some way. Although this is still very much a priority to me, with the time commitments of the business, our company family, and my own family (now a bit larger than it was at that time), I have found myself sacrificing a few of those things that were and are important to me. This is absolutely no excuse, but I know I am not alone here!!

So, my commitment to myself and to you, our readers...I am making it a priority this year to share more of my journey. It is my true hope that this journey inspires you in some way. Maybe it makes you laugh (at our comedy of errors), or cry. Maybe it gives you that kick-in-butt that you've been waiting on to pursue your own dream. Whatever your dream may be, whatever your own story, I hope you'll come along for the ride!