Monday, July 16, 2012

Where did you get the idea behind RuffleButts?

So, the most common question I receive when someone learns of my RuffleButts involvement is, "where did you get the idea?" After receiving the question this weekend following an introduction, I had a vast realization. I've been lying to everyone. No, this isn't some massive confession...but more an explanation. See, my answer is the typical, "well, I didn't have kids at the time, but was out shopping for a baby gift and couldn't find the ruffled bloomers of my childhood." Fundamentally, that is the true and honest answer, but the reality is that it was so much more. Simply put, the idea was my gift from God. After much begging, a lot of searching, and a TON of faith, the idea was simply my stepping stone from God. He laid out my path that involved numerous people, an unethical boss, an Oprah episode, a successful entrepreneur, a tremendously challenging and trying time in my own life, and some blind faith. 

Let's get real...I didn't have children, honestly didn't know a darn thing about kids clothing. I had no experience in the children's clothing industry or any clothing manufacturing for that matter. I certainly didn't have any great connections or contacts in the industry to get me started. I was lost, like so many others, in my own career and search for fulfillment. I found myself praying every day for my answer...a career that would allow me to do positive things for others, something bigger than myself. I know it may seem naive or even arrogant to some when I say that RuffleButts is changing the world. I get that. I know we are simply making clothing for kids. But see, we see it a bit differently. We are sharing smiles, with moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, and the little angels of the world. We plan to grow this company to a size that can not only affect and impact a few thousand, but hopefully millions one day. Not only with ruffles, but on a much bigger scale. We truly want to do positive, to share smiles with millions and millions of people, to donate, to inspire. I promise you this, we will do it.

In church on Sunday, as I listened to our Pastor, Steven Furtick, talk about his job, I realized that I needed to be more honest with myself and with others. This business is not some fabulous idea I had on my own one random day. I am not some genius business person, nor some incredibly talented fashion designer. I truly just try to execute as best as possible this gift God has given me, my calling. I vow to do the best job possible, to inspire as many people as possible, to do as much good as possible, and to simply share as many smiles as possible. I do this 100% through my faith in GOD, and also 100% dependent on the amazing team that surrounds me, including my husband, Mark.

I realized this weekend that I sometimes shy away from giving my real and honest answer. I don't want to make others uncomfortable or make them think that I am some church-loving, faith-preaching, Christian. What the heck am I thinking...God gave me this gift and I owe it to him 100% to share it with others. See, when it comes down to it, I am a church-loving and faith-preaching in my own way. I would not be here without my all-mighty and wonderful God. I always want to give credit to my team here at RuffleButts, so why on Earth would I shy away from giving credit to my Father? So, here's my honest idea came from the most amazing place, a place I wish I could share with every single person around me, a place that finally gave me peace and purpose...a place of faith.