Friday, August 24, 2012

Good enough

Is there ever a day when you just need someone to tell you that you are good enough? I had a conversation last night that reminded me that we are all the same, just at different points on our journey. This business has been an incredible adventure and a path I was destined to take, but that's easy for me to say now. Looking back just 7 years, it was a totally different story. I knew my path was out there, but I hadn't found the on-ramp yet. I was determined to do something big, but truly didn't know if I was "good enough" to do it.

See, I'm really no different than anyone else out there, and really if you compare me to most CEO's, my pedigree does not compare. I grew up in KY, far from wealthy. No trust fund (I didn't know what they are). No ivy league education (I didn't really know what they were either). Actually, when I was about 13, my mom explained to me that she wanted to do as much as she possibly could for me, but her salary was limited and I needed to prepare for whatever it was that I wanted to do. IE, you want to drive, start saving for a car. You are going to college, but you are also paying for it. That was okay with me, and I had no doubts I could make it happen. I started working at 14 at a local dry cleaners and haven't stopped since. At 17, I worked two jobs and truly, honestly, didn't mind doing it. I went to the University of Cincinnati (not quite ivy league) and moved out on my own shortly before turning 18.

Long story short, I knew I wanted more for my life, and had no doubts I could get there, but certainly didn't know what the path looked like. As an adolescent, I think we all question if we are good enough...grades, status in society, relationships, friendships, whatever. I was no different. In my twenties, I felt driven, but wasn't sure in what direction. I was a little lost.

Looking back, it all makes complete sense. It was my path, my own journey that led me here. Every bit of it was a necessary page in my book. I was good enough every step of the way, but I just didn't truly realize who the "good enough" was for. It wasn't about my parents, or my friends, or even my bosses along the way. It was for Him. In the eyes of God, I was good enough all along. I just had to find trust, which lifted the weight off my shoulders and allowed me to look around. It allowed me to live much bigger, and free. I am so very grateful for where I am today, but I am equally grateful for my journey to get here.

Don't get me wrong, there are still days I question if I am making the right decisions, if I can handle this (there are a lot of people depending on me and I feel that daily), but there is never a day I question my worth. In my discussion last night, I wanted so badly to just hand over the answer, but I know that is not possible. So, I did the next closest thing, I shared the very valuable knowledge that she is absolutely good enough. I know so, because God made her that way. Now it is just her turn to find the on-ramp, and I can promise it is going to be one heck of a ride! She is an amazingly talented, driven, and beautiful person, but now she gets to discover that for herself.

Sound familiar? Did you have a certain age that you found your own path? For me, it was somewhere around age 26/27 and at 30, it got even better. I know it's not about age, but I think with age comes experience and wisdom. With wisdom comes faith, and with faith comes peace.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fabulous Photography

We had the pleasure of working with yet another fabulously talented photographer...this time in our hometown of Charlotte! What a whirlwind, but I am thrilled to see the final results...our Fall Collection come to life. Christine, the main talent behind the Dimples and Curls team, is awesome behind the camera. And her hubby, the official kid whisperer, did a fabulous job of getting that pure, from-the-gut laugh captured on film (SD card). Her mom, also her photog partner, was also a huge part of pulling this whole thing off!

I am happy to share with you her artistic talents at work. Oh, and did I mention, we had the most fabulous RuffleButts & RuggedButts models, who truly made my designs come to life?!